Sebring Seeds

Medicine for the people

We produce cannabis seeds from proven cultivars and distribute them for free to any patient willing to pay for shipping.

We also solicit bulk (100+) seed donations from breeders to supplement our stock offerings. Without these community partners it would be impossible to meet patient requests.
If you’re interested in helping by donating seeds, please submit a comment through our Contact Us page. Patients should visit the Shop page.

Plant More Seeds

Action Through Compassion

Whether you’re receiving seeds, donating space or donating resources, we would like to give you our most heartfelt gratitude.  Every person that we help, strengthens our community and strengthens us in return. Your generosity of time and resources is making our communities healthier and more resilient for all of us!

We’re always looking for new sources of bulk seeds for patients. We encourage donations of seeds that you’ve produced, because it amplifies our ability to expand our offerings to patients.

Anyone with enough extra grow space for a few extra plants is capable of helping. We always work directly with the grower to assist them, so they have a positive experience and we receive a portion of the fresh seeds, to give away to more patients.