Spotted Limes


CBD to THC: Unknown

Profile: Unknown

Maturity: 80 days

Yield: Moderate to High

Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon (about 15-20 seeds)

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Parents of Spotted Limes

Port and Stilton should provide a very deep and complex arrangement of tastes and flavours. On one side you have the musky sweet dank of the stilton containing hints of spices, with the dry red wine scent of the double grape. These girls should be doubly dank with a warming, happy festive fuzzy vibe.

CBD Auto Compassion Lime Bursting with a powerful lime taste derived from Daiquiri Lime genetics, consumers would be forgiven for forgetting she packs high CBD content with comparable levels of THC. Her balanced genetics provide a high that is still powerful, but with all the health-boosting attributes of CBD. A perfect choice for medicinal users seeking mild amounts of THC, or those who like to smoke throughout the day.

1 oz

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