Pure Vida F2


Pure Vida F2

(Regular Photoperiod Seeds)

Profile: Predominately pine with notes of skunk, earth and lemon.
Maturity: 7-9 weeks
Yield: Moderately high
Quantity: 1/16 teaspoon (about 7 seeds)

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Pura Vida is a serious THC heavyweight. Some test results of cured and dried Pura Vida flower have yielded 26% THCa by weight. Thus, it is renowned by cannabis extract enthusiasts for its high concentrate yield. Beyond cannabinoids, Pura Vida has pungent Afghan Kush terpene profile, full of beta and alpha pinene. Held in high regard by severe pain medical cannabis patients, many describe that heavy terpenes and THC in Pura Vida deliver an analgesic, numbing feeling when consumed. The Appalachia is apparent with chemy skunkiness while the Pure Kush lineage delivers even more aroma and powerful cannabinoids.

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