Medicine Man


Medicine Man 
(High CBD Regular Photoperiod Seeds)

CBD to THC: 1:1
Profile: Chestnut, skunk & herbal spice
Maturity: 65-75 days
Yield: Moderately high
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon seeds

Mr. Nice Seeds reports that Medicine Man is easy to grow and recommends growing indoors to get the heaviest yields of its compact, highly resinous buds. The seed bank also recommends hydroponics for this strain. Medicine Man flowers in 56-65 days, with a harvest time around October for the Northern Hemisphere or mid-April in the Southern Hemisphere, as noted by Mr. Nice Seeds. Mr. Nice reports high levels of CBD in Medicine Man and recommends the strain for treating terminally ill patients. Regular Medicine Man seeds are currently available from Mr. Nice Seeds.

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Medicine Man is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Afghani, Brazilian, and south Indian landrace strains cultivated by Mr. Nice Seeds in Amsterdam. Originally cultivated under the name White Rhino at Green House Seed Company in the mid-1990s, the strain was given a new name when breeders Neville Schoenmakers, Scott Blakey (aka Shantibaba), and Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice) left Green House and brought Medicine Man’s genetics with them.

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