Maui Moonglow


Maui Moonglow
(Regular Photoperiod Seeds)

Profile: To be determined
Maturity: To be determined
Yield: To be determined
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon (about 15 seeds)

An original cross selected for increased production & flavor, while maintaining a great Maui Wowie high.
-Currently in development-


The Parent of Maui Moonglow

Maui Wowie (cherry bomb line)
While the strain’s exact genetics are unknown, Maui Wowie plants can grow over 10 feet high outdoors. Maui Wowie is a sativa-dominant landrace strain that originated in the 1970s on the Hawaiian island for which it’s named.

Often imitated by seed producers, but never duplicated; this cultivar originates from the 1979 Maui Wowie plants Mr. Greengenes used for line breeding this cultivar. Mr. Greengenes often stated that he selected most for potency and a metallic cherry taste. Most phenotypes will have pink pistils, and dark cherry tinged leaf stems. This is a truly awe inspiring strain that has earned it’s place in past and future history!

It smells of a very sweet cherry like fragrance & sweet citrus with undertones of lavender & pine. The smoke is mellow and quite intoxicating, but not overpowering. It is a great mood boosting strain with a mild body high.

Tsi Fly (moonglow cut)
Tsi Fly is known as “Psi Fly” in Europe. Tsi Fly is the result of combining a Chimera C4 female with a Cinderella 99 male, and then backcrossing one generation. This genetic combination gives rise to a bushy plant that is very branchy. Very high yields of tight elongated buds that form HUGE colas. Tsi Fly stretches 50% in flowering so it is best to “open” the plant up to allow light to the interior of the plant. The average plant height ends at 2.5-3.5 feet. Tsi Fly is very easy to grow and clone and produces buds with mild apricot kush flavors.

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