Love Wave


[ Sour Tsunami #3 (High CBD Cut) x Gorilla Biscuit ] x Blood Orange by Baked Beanz
(High CBD Photoperiod Regular)

CBD to THC: Unknown
Profile: pine/lime/sour/fuel/lemon/hash
Maturity: 9 weeks (from the beginning of no more than 12 hours of light.)
Yield: Unknown
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon (about 15-20 seeds)

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The Parent of Love Wave

Blood Orange Solid yields of beautiful golden sweet flowers, with notes of pineapple, quince, elderberry, lavender, and lemon citric hash. Great pain relief and soothing happy mindful effect.

Point Break– (Sour Tsunami #3 X Gorilla Biscuit) Sour Tsunami #3 has that highest CBD to THC ratio on the planet coming in at 23 to 1! Combining with the proven painkiller Gorilla Biscuit, sweet relief is assured. Expect excellent yields of medical grade flowers that will help with pain of all types including migraines. Should also be great for help in stopping seizures

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