Apollo 11 x (F13 x Apollo 11) F2
(Regular Photoperiod Seeds)

Profile: To be determined
Maturity: To be determined
Yield: To be determined
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon (about 15 seeds)

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The Parent of Highlighter
Apollo 11 x (F13 x Apollo 11) F2

Apollo 11 is a potent hybrid cannabis strain with strong cerebral effects that might just have your head feeling like it’s making a moon landing. The resinous flowers will have a strong, sharp citrus aroma and a slightly subtler lemon flavor. Effective for treating stress and moderate pain, for a few hours this strain will give you a first-class trip out of this world.

F13 This sativa-leaning hybrid has flavors of berry, forest, and earth. Famous for its potency, the high comes on slowly, so expect some giggles before it fully takes hold.

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