Grapey Walker CBG auto


Grapey Walker CBG auto
by Sunnyland Seeds
(Regular Autoflower Seeds)

Profile: To be determined
Maturity: To be determined
Yield: To be determined
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon seeds

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Parents of Grapey Walker CBG auto

Grapey Walker auto
A Mephisto creation with an aroma of spice, grapes, and rich exotic wine. It produces a strong stone and blissful high, which warms and relaxes the body.

Hoku CBG auto
“From the La Crema CBG group of auto-flowers, we selected the most outstanding female plants and the best male and let him open pollinate a room. While indica dominant, there is a taller and shorter phenotype, both offering a more robust terpene profile than that of the La Crema’s mellow citrus. Majority of these plants are CBG dominant, but we have found cbd dominant plants in the population.” from

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