Fantasmo CBG auto


Fantasmo CBG auto
by Sunnyland Seeds
(Regular Autoflower Seeds)

Profile: To be determined
Maturity: 80 days
Yield: To be determined
Quantity: 1/8 teaspoon seeds

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Parents of Fantasmo CBG auto

Fantasmo Express auto
“They grew and evaluated a number of variants in the OG Ghost Train Haze series of strains from Rare Dankness, and from #1 seeds they found a stellar male to work with, pollinating a lovely hybrid indica/sativa auto that they’d previously bred to be very easy to grow, nice plant size and resin profile.

Fantasmo Express is an easy and interesting plant to grow, she starts small looking indica and OG dominant in appearance, there’s then two onsets of growth. During the pre-flowering period she gains a lot of size, then as flowering sets in, every shoot and bud site grows extremely quickly and efficiently.”

Hoku CBG auto
“From the La Crema CBG group of auto-flowers, we selected the most outstanding female plants and the best male and let him open pollinate a room. While indica dominant, there is a taller and shorter phenotype, both offering a more robust terpene profile than that of the La Crema’s mellow citrus. Majority of these plants are CBG dominant, but we have found cbd dominant plants in the population.” from

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