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DIY Luscious Body Cream with CBD!

Have you ever wanted to make your own CBD cream for pain relief? If you can gather a few simple ingredients, you can skip lining the pockets of corporations and do it yourself! We have the basic set of instructions you’ll need to get started below. 

A few years ago, after trying CBD creams offered at dispensaries, I wanted to see if I could make a cream made of the best CBD plants, plus quality ingredients and a transdermal agent called DMSO to help absorption. I was astounded how much better my own homemade CBD cream worked than the stuff they had at the store. 

Yes, we sell my cream right here on the website. If you don’t want to make it yourself, that’s okay too. That said, we are all about DIY here. We are about helping patients get the relief they need. So if you want to take on the task of doing this yourself, we encourage you to do it. 

Start by obtaining the ingredients listed below:

Makes 32 ounces of Luscious Body Cream with CBD

  • 10.56 ounces – organic shea butter
  • 10.56 ounces – organic mango butter
  • 10.56 ounces – organic olive oil (virgin or refined, not pomace)
  • 5.12 grams CBD (isolate or organically grown cannabis hash)*
  • 94.4 mL Pharmaceutical grade DMSO (99% pure or higher)++
  • 0.16 mL Fragrance (or less)

*Don’t use concentrates purchased from dispensaries, because almost all of them have contaminates in them that are amplified in the concentration process. ++Be extra careful while pouring or handling pure DMSO, because in it’s undiluted form it can be dangerous.

Place all of you ingredients, except .5 ounces olive oil & the CBD source of your choice, in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment or in a mixing bowl with a hand mixer with a whisk attachment. Before you start mixing, make sure all your ingredients are room temperature.

Place .5 ounces of olive oil in a microwave safe glass dish. Add your CBD source to the same dish and stir it in. Microwave it on high for 10 second at a time, checking to see if it’s hot, but not so hot that you can’t hold the dish. Stir it for 20-30 seconds and then pour it all into your mixing bowl. Break up any large chunks of the seed butters with a silicone spatula or a butter knife, but avoid using anything made of wood.

Once everything is broken up enough that using the mixer won’t shoot chunks around the mixing bowl you’re ready to start mixing on the lowest setting. Mix for about a 1 minute. Increase the mixing speed to about half of your mixers maximum speed. Mix for another minute or until you can safely turn the speed up to maximum. Once the mixer is at maximum speed let the mixer whip air into the cream until it has doubled in volume.

Then all you need to do is spoon the luscious body cream into the containers of your choice.


4 thoughts

  • Definitely appreciate your guys and what you are doing for the community. I can’t thank you enough for the seeds and recipe to make my own medicine! Thank you!

  • Thanks for this video. I have been making creams for quite some time. I have been experimenting with DMSO for awhile but the problem I have had is DMSO separating from the CBD oil. SO I will try this method . I use cbd cream every day for arthritis. I started making this cream for my wife mainly. She has had many surgeries and is always in lots of pain. You guys are super.

  • You Mr. Sebring are such a blessing for me. God Bless you for making this available. I have had several (6) back surgeries. Without you product, I am sure I would not be able to take my beloved dog, Juno, for a walks. Thank you so very, very much. On the last order, I got the medium strength. Wanted to ask if perhaps,n you have developed a stronger cream. My back seems to be getting even worse, as I age. I am placing the order today for the maximum strength. However, if there is something stronger, please let me know. Once again..thank foe your wonderful gift to people who experience so.many painful situations.
    Best Rgards,
    Rebecca Stacy-Kester

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