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Where Did Sebring Disappear To?

In Fall of 2021, the medication that I took for years to alleviate my clinical depression & anxiety disorder stopped working. With my untreated disorder I was unable to function at the level everyone has grown accustomed to seeing me work at. It was much like being locked inside your own head without the ability to tell anyone or ask for help. I was lucky that I have a loving and dedicated partner, Paula, that noticed something unusual was occurring with me. I spent the next 6+ months working with a psychiatrist to find a new medication that would alleviate my symptoms and allow me to function at the high level I’ve grown accustomed to over the decades. In late June, I found a medication that is working perfectly, with zero side effects, that I believe should keep me functional and will allow me to return to serving the cannabis community!

During my “missing” months, the cannabis community was exceedingly patient and supportive of me, especially the Overgrow community. I was able to find volunteers within our community to pick up and continue my work of helping cannabis patients. I am forever grateful to these individuals! They have been essential in my recovery. Again, I want to thank everyone in the cannabis community for their unwavering patience with me.

Unfortunately, with a week of finding the right medication, I fell 12 feet off a ladder while at my day job. I shattered both of my heel bones and fractured 2 vertebra. Since that time I have been bed bound, have undergone a surgery on each heel and have been wearing a torso brace to allow my vertebra to fully heal. All signs are good and within the next couple months (Fall of 2022) I should be able to walk again. The doctors say that I will regain my full range of motion and mobility. My employer has been a complete saint, making sure that I continue to get paid my full salary and that I receive any medical treatments or devices needed to recover.

I have continued to work on the “Motormouth” breeding project that I have been collaborating on with Shango Los, and hope to have seeds to release in Spring of 2023. Motormouth will be an autoflower version of Foul Mouth, by Dungeon Vault Genetics, that will be released as free feminized seeds.

I fully expect that I will be gathering and releasing more free cannabis seeds starting in the Winter of 2022! I love our community and have never lost my passion for helping them acquire phenomenal free genetics, so I’m looking forward to getting back to fulfilling that passion.

A small bit of housekeeping, I have struggled to get seeds to many people in South America, Russia, and a few other countries, over the last year. I will be going through my records over the coming months to reimburse shipping costs to anyone that I received shipments back from. I’ve made multiple attempts to resend these packages to no avail, so unfortunately the only thing I can do is reimburse them.

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding,



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  • Wow, that’s quite the journey you’ve been through. I wish you the best in your return to health and normalcy. Much love fam. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.

    • Brother,
      I am sorry to hear of your mishaps. I pray you eill comeback stronger and more productive to carry on your passion. One love.
      I was fortunate to have met one of your acquaintances here in Tampa, Florida 2.5 years ago. His name eludes me but he was from Point Break, WA. We exchanged moinga oil for some seeds that were a dwarf variety that I grew in my backyard. It was one of the greatest achievements. Today I was thinking of those fruits I grew, gave thanks, and went to brew some LAB. 8 HRS later, I opened my freezer and out fell the seeds that was given to me. I immediately came to the site, looked all around and found your story.
      My name is Ray. I am an Organic chemist and I am big into soil and growing plants. I am big into moringa and I want to gift some of my stuff to you to help your healing process. Send your address to me. Take care and blessings. One love

  • Hey bunk mate from Autoflower cup! Was the guy crying about cats to you and Paula and was enamored with your peace pipe. Been checking in on the site and happened to come across this post. I can empathize with your journey to find the right aides to keep you mentally fit to move forward, and the struggle when life smacks you down right as you regain your footing (no pun intended). I look forward to seeing your work with Shango and your potential offerings this year. Hit me up in the DMs if you want to chat!

  • I am happy to hear you are beating the depression again Sad to hear about your accident at work.

    Sending you good thoughts and vibes for a complete and pain free recovery.

  • Glad things are working out for you on the first front brother. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself but happy you are taking care of it. Hopefully you get back to 100% soon. Stay strong and know we got your back if you need us.

  • From the depths of my emotions, I summon all the concern, empathy, and extension of Best Wishes in/on your l-o-n-g Road of Recovery. Your TOTAL HEALTH is the ONLY priority at the present time. Myself and the ENTIRE OG Community extend those same sentiments. Continue to stay safe…..misterbee

  • So sorry to hear of your recent trials. As long as you get back up you will get back stronger!

    Peace and Healing

  • Hope you will recover soon, thanks for letting us know, you’re missed in the community but health is more important than anything else. Glad there’s an angel looking for you, take care and best regards … 😎

  • I missed seeing the site updated, but nothing else matters if your not healthy and blessed. Stay up brother.

  • The amount of volunteers that have turned up within the OverGrow community is incredible. Not only because of the number of people, but that the number of people needs to be so many to do all the things that Sebring does. And the outpouring of love and well wishes has been nonstop for weeks and weeks on end. This man is a legend in the cannabis community as a whole.

  • Glad to hear things are starting to come to a head for you and that light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine, despite the recent injury. Hope things are all going according to plan and that your still, if not more, excited for the future! Looking forward to seeing you around again! Take care.

  • Sebring

    I have been out of the scene myself because of health reasons, 7 surgeries later and with a 8lb weight limit for my body itself, I think I can grow again 😉

    May the bong gods treat you right

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