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Where Did Sebring Disappear To?

In Fall of 2021, the medication that I took for years to alleviate my clinical depression & anxiety disorder stopped working. With my untreated disorder I was unable to function at the level everyone has grown accustomed to seeing me work at. It was much like being locked inside your own head without the ability to tell anyone or ask for help. I was lucky that I have a loving and dedicated partner, Paula, that noticed something unusual was occurring with me. I spent the next 6+ months working with a psychiatrist to find a new medication that would alleviate my symptoms and allow me to function at the high level I’ve grown accustomed to over the decades. In late June, I found a medication that is working perfectly, with zero side effects, that I believe should keep me functional and will allow me to return to serving the cannabis community!
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Green Activism

Let’s Define What ‘Green’ Really Means

What does it mean to “go green”? It depends on who you ask. I’ve always been a lover of natural spaces. That’s one reason I love living in Nevada, because of the vast open spaces of mostly natural landscapes governed by the BLM instead of locked up in private ownership. In my youth as a participant in Boy Scouts, being a conservationist was always part of my skill set and belief system. So I’ve always considered conserving nature part of what it means to be green.

As the discussion of climate change has become more urgent and popular, the idea of moving towards a “green economy” to help slow and reverse this warming crisis made sense to me. That’s what most people see as the modern green movement.

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