Start Your Green Life

Living “The Green Life” is all about living the way humans were meant to live, and have lived for a few hundred thousand years prior to chemical industrialism. It means living in equilibrium with your environment, taking part in the production of your own food, and eating clean healthy foods that make you feel great. It’s about having the skills to live without the things destructive to our world. At DIY Green Life, we teach and inspire people to do it themselves.

The Problem

The future of our species is uncertain. Our planet is our home and provides us with the essentials of life, including the air we must breathe, the water we must drink, the food we must eat and the shelter we seek for respite from the elements. Yet every single one of those things is at risk by human activities. Every minute, vast swaths of natural habitat are destroyed by human development and resource extraction. The drinkable water is disappearing or being polluted. The trees and plants that change CO2 into oxygen are disappearing, while we dump more and more pollutants into the air we breathe. Chemicals and plastics are showing up in our bloodstreams. Our oceans are dying.

For humans, change must and will come, it’s only a matter of how and when. Will we stand up and fight for a new way of being? Or will we stand by as we slowly destroy the ecosystems that give us life?

You Can Prepare Now

We don’t believe individual efforts will be enough to stop environmental destruction. It will take systemic change. However, individuals can prepare for the transition now, and in doing so, can begin to communicate how it’s doable, necessary and just a better way to live.

DIY Green Life is dedicated to teaching the knowledge and skills to live without industrial toxicity. Humans have lived on planet earth in equilibrium for millenia. Everything from our food, water, shelter and way of life can be green once again.

Sebring Frehner

biochemist, CANNABIS BREEDER, founder of sebring seeds and salves

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Community Gardner, creator of Sebring CBD Comfort Cream and distrubutor of amazing CBD seeds. Based in Bellevue, Washington.

Justin McAffee

YOUTUBER, Photographer, BLOGGER, Environmentalist

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Website Designer, Photographer and Videographer. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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